ServicesSyzent Partners Ltd. provides the following services:

  • Commercial leadership and product development for early stage life sciences research projects, to ensure they target unmet medical needs and have marketable “hooks,” with clear benefits over existing products and pipeline approaches.
  • Support in fundraising and grant writing for clients, with strong clear writing, to ensure the unique advantages of your technologies come through crisply.  This requires development of powerful non-confidential and confidential technology summaries and presentation materials, and may require discussions with potential investors.
  • Licensing and business development services; preparation of non-confidential and confidential materials, initiating meetings with potential partners, structuring transactions, negotiating the deal and finalizing legal documents.
  • Guidance on timing of spin-out versus license decision-making, based on market dynamics and investor/partner demand curves; support in structuring spin-out companies for commercial success.
  • Market research and competitive intelligence, including market assessment studies and key opinion leader (KOL) development activities.
  • Strategic planning and business plan development.